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Published: June 28, 2008
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Titles just released in Kalmbach's Jewelry-Making and Beading Line

Micro Macramé Basics & Beyond

Transform Cord and Beads into Lovely Jewelry!

Clear, step-by-step instructions and plenty of helpful tips help readers get started with micro macramé, an emerging technique that uses tiny knots and much thinner cords than traditional macramé. Readers learn everything from the basics of how to set up a macramé board and basic knots to incorporating beads and crystals into their jewelry. Author Raquel Cruz offers her expertise, tips, and tricks for working with cord, plus ideas for unique variations. First-time jewelry makers and experienced beaders alike will find something to love in Micro Macramé Basics & Beyond!

Timeless Wire Weaving

Make Stunning, Wearable Wire Jewelry!

The technique lessons and 13 exquisite projects in Timeless Wire Weaving: The Complete Course teach readers to combine wire with cabochons, seed beads, and other components to make gorgeous, eye-catching jewelry.

Through a range of wirework instruction, expertly designed and presented by a well-known wire artist, readers will expand their wirework skills, produce impressive pieces they’ll be proud to wear or share, and use the techniques to create their own unique designs.

The use of seed beads and crystals in the designs will attract bead stitchers, too!

Textured Bead Embroidery

Textured Bead Embroidery will inspire bead stitchers, embroiderers, and jewelry makers with a unique, new twist on an established technique. Linda Landy offers playful thoughts on designs that go beyond the standard cabochon-and-seed-bead look. In 12 creative projects, Linda Landy offers a range of size and complexity. Projects include one-of-a-kind earrings, pendants, pins, bracelets, and neckpieces, all presented in an easy-to-follow “call-out” style.

BONUS: The included CD features 6 printable patterns, each drawn to scale and including materials lists.

Bead Crochet Basics

In Bead Crochet Basics, Candice Sexton takes the guesswork out of the trickiest part of bead crochet: starting the tube. Beaders can use the quick-start DVD to see the setup in action, then progress through the 10 techniques and 22 projects with the confidence to succeed!

Bead Crochet Basics is the only book-and-DVD set that introduces the basics of and leads beaders step-by-step through the perfect range of techniques and projects for building confidence and ensuring success.

Candice Sexton offers gorgeous bracelets, necklaces, and other pieces in a wide variety of styles. Every beader will find something to make, wear, or share.

Creative Beading Vol. 9

Creative Beading Vol. 9 offers Bead&Button readers almost every project from the October 2012 through August 2013 issues, all in one gorgeous, hardcover volume. The latest edition in this popular yearbook series features a thorough basics section, helpful tips, and more than 75 projects for jewelry makers at every skill level – beginner to advanced. Every beader will find something she loves in Creative Beading Vol. 9!

Titles just released in Kalmbach's Hobby Line

American Flyer Pocket Price Guide 1946-2015

This essential pocket-sized guide provides accurate, current market values for American Flyer S gauge trains and accessories manufactured by A.C. Gilbert and Lionel. This functional easy-to-read volume is published every other year and contains ready-to-run S gauge trains from contemporary manufacturers like American Modelers and MTH. It remains a valuable and reliable source of pricing information.

Lionel Trains Pocket Price Guide 1901-2015

Collectors of Lionel toy trains and accessories eagerly await the latest edition of this definitive annual guide. With current pricing and invaluable reference information for prewar, postwar, and modern trains, this is the guide they need when buying, selling, or trading any Lionel toy train or accessory.


Basic Painting and Weathering for Model Railroaders, Second Edition

Any modeler who wants to paint, decal, or weather locomotives, rolling stock and structures will find plenty of in-depth, how-to techniques in this updated edition! New prototype photos, current manufacturers, and the latest products are featured along with several new projects that include making your own decals with an inkjet printer and a multi-color painting project for a locomotive.

• Contains basic-through-advanced techniques for airbrushing, brush-painting, decaling, and weathering

• Includes tips on how to add graffiti, placards, and other decal details

• Features how-to information for using chalks, acrylic paints, and oil colors


Basic Scenery for Model Railroaders, Second Edition

Keep modelers up to date on the latest scenery products and materials with this freshly updated edition. New material on foam scenery and concrete roads as well as many new projects teach modelers how to apply a basic layer of scenery to their layout. Modelers will learn how to form ground terrain, add varieties of ground cover, build trees, and add details such as rocks, dirt and paved roads, water effects, signs, and more.

• Techniques are geared toward beginner to intermediate modelers

• Step-by-step photos and drawings are included for each technique as well as full-color photos of the finished scenes

• Lou Sassi is a well-known modeler whose work has appeared in Model Railroader and Great Model Railroads, and has authored several books


Building Dioramas

Acclaimed modeler Chris Mrosko explains how to build dioramas that showcase models and create dramatic scenes, as well as offering expert modeling tips. Focusing on a step-by-step, how-to approach, modelers will learn the fundamentals of construction and design, airbrushing and finishing tips, how to cast pieces out of resin, and more.

• The ideal reference for modelers who want to expand their skills and do more with their models

• A variety of step-by-step projects that range from Saving Private Ryan to modern global conflicts

• Modelers will learn how to create “wedgie” dioramas to showcase figures
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