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Published: June 28, 2008
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Titles just released in Kalmbach's Jewelry-Making and Beading Line

Creative Beading Vol. 10

This latest edition in this popular series features a thorough basics section, hundreds of helpful tips and beading ideas, and more than 75 projects for every skill level. Every beader will find something to love!

• Packed with 75+ projects that cover a breathtaking range of styles, lengths, and skills.
• Features the latest trends, bead shapes, and techniques.
• Hundreds of editor-tested instructions, step-by-step photos, and clear illustrations.


Modern Chain Mail Jewelry

Renowned designer and teacher Marilyn Gardiner teaches jewelry makers how to express their creative side by making jewelry that incorporates favorite chain mail weaves into eye-catching, stylish necklaces. The projects are divided into five styles: necklaces with pendants, necklaces with flat mesh, necklaces with a center focus, necklaces with linked segments, and asymmetrical necklaces. The spotlight is on the contemporary style of today’s woman.

• Projects feature clear, accurate, step-by-step instructions that work.
• Finished necklaces are elegant, feminine, and wearable for many occasions.
• Designs are adaptable, so jewelry makers can bring their personal style to each finished piece.


Jewelry Making 1-2-3

With just a few tools and materials – wire, jump rings, pliers, and beads – and a minimum time investment, everyone can make pretty jewelry to wear to work or out on the town. Experienced teacher and writer Karin Van Voorhees offers easy-to follow instructions and an accessible design philosophy that introduces the art of jewelry making to anyone who’s ever wanted to give it a try … and just needed a place to start!


Classic Stitching

Popular beadwork designer Anna Elizabeth Draeger offers beautiful and timeless designs for classic bead stitches. These fashionable cuffs, bangles, necklaces, and earrings incorporate a wide variety of styles and materials. Anna’s personal design style — elegant, tailored, and fresh — makes it easy for beginners to pick up the techniques and fun for advanced beaders to try out variations.


Fast & Simple Metal Jewelry

14 chain and metal projects offer the curious beginner everything she needs to make wearable jewelry with a minimum time investment.


Classic Style

15 timeless necklaces, pendants, earrings, rings, and bracelets teach beginners to make elegant jewelry with a personal touch.

Titles just released in Kalmbach's Hobby Line

Wiring for Your Model Railroad

If model railroaders could own one book about wiring, this would be the best choice. In Wiring Your Model Railroad, Larry Puckett provides a helpful overview of all things wiring, including traditional wiring and DCC. This is the first wiring book any modeler should buy, and it’s a useful reference guide for experienced modelers. Most importantly, it is the first book any publisher has released on this topic in 15 years. So, it’s the most current and reliable source of model railroad wiring information you’ll find anywhere.


Freight Cars of the '40's and '50's

Jeff Wilson’s latest release is a guide to railroad cars operated during one of modeling’s most popular eras. Modelers can use the book’s highly detailed historical information as inspiration to create realistic models. They’ll find background on cargo carried by various types of cars, information on putting together a realistic freight car fleet, as well as prototype paint schemes and detailing.


DCC Projects & Applications Vol. 3

Digital Command Control (DCC) has greatly increased in popularity in recent years. Yet, most modelers need help navigating this tricky technology. DCC Projects & Applications, Volume 3 provides step-by-step instructions and how-to tips to show modelers how to set up, maintain, and operate DCC systems. This includes everything from layout wiring to decoder installation to light and sound effects. It also features information on the latest software, technology and upgraded manufacturer items.


Compact Layout Design

Compact Layout Design helps modelers integrate all aspects of layout design for compact spaces into one process from benchwork to budgeting. Author Iain Rice presents the material in a practical, conversational tone and aids understanding with his beautiful hand-drawn track plans. The book provides ideas and inspiration to efficiently plan for people, trains, and space.

Tourist Trains Guidebook, Fifth Edition

Tourist Trains Guidebook, Fifth Edition describes 520 of the most popular train rides and museums in the U.S. and Canada. It features comprehensive reviews of more than 200 sites to explore on vacations, including:

•Driving directions.
•What to see.
•When to go.
•Nearby attractions.
•Site reviews.
•And more!
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