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Published: June 28, 2008
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Titles just released in Kalmbach's Jewelry-Making and Beading Line

Cool Copper Cuffs

Affordable, plentiful, and easy to work with, cooper is the perfect metal for learning and exploring a technique.  Discover the ways cooper wire and sheet metal can be transformed into stunning cuffs and bangles.  The book includes basic wireworking and metalworking techniques, so any jewelry makers can get started and successfully complete the projects.

Some of the 25 projects include beads, cabochons, crystals, or pearls.

Projects use standard gauges of sheet and wire, along with common wire and metalworking tools.

Copper is a forgiving material and allows metal and wire novices to achieve beautiful results.


Colorful Wirework Jewelry

Experienced wirework teacher Kim St. Jean offers 25+ projects that combine this modern material with traditional off-jig wrapping, coiling, and weaving techniques. Readers new to wire will learn to create a collection of colorful pendants, rings, bracelets, and necklaces that reflect Kim's fun and playful style.


New Connections

Well-known designer and teacher Kat Wisniewski shows jewelry makers how to incorporate flexible rubber rings and sparkling glass rings by moving beyond traditional chain mail weaves. The 25 projects in this book include colorful bracelets, necklaces, earrings, and pendants, each made using Kat's own custom patterns. The wide variety of colors and projects will be exciting for jewelry makers at every level.


Discover Torch Enameling

In Discover Torch Enameling, professional designer and teacher Steven James shows jewelry makers how to get sophisticated results from simple torch enameling techniques.  His well-planned process enables jewelry makers to get started and succeed quickly, creating quality jewelry at their own kitchen tables.  He introduces 25 all-new projects in his guide to kitchen-table torch enameling.  His fun, engaging style teaches readers to make colorful bracelets, necklaces, earrings, and pendants using simple enameling techniques.  Readers will learn a few basic mentalwork skills - sawing, cutting, punching, dapping, and riveting - along with applying enamel effects.  Armed with Steven's personal mantra, "What are you going to make today?," readers will be encouraged to get creative, experiment with color, and have fun.


Quick & Easy Stitched Jewelry

Designer Cathy Jakicic offers 20+ projects with numerous variations, so stitchers at every level will find something to enjoy. Each on-trend, fashionable project includes a stitched element with easy instructions for completing the piece, plus variations for changing it up, dressing it down, adding more colors, or changing the style.

Titles just released in Kalmbach's Hobby Line

Getting Started in Model Railroading

Model railroading is an easier hobby to join than ever before.  This new book by Jeff Wilson helps modelers get started with the basics.  It provides enough information for beginners to confidently build a layout, and it equips them with the knowledge to understand all the steps.

It includes:

Extensive chapters on modeling in HO and N scales.

Essential insights on buying models, building models, and starting a layout.

Information about current trends and technology like ready-to-run models and DCC.


25 Freight Car Projects

This book contains all-new material from a star-studded roster of Model Railroader authors - Tony Koester, Mont Switzer, Cody Grivno, Jeff Wilson, James McNab, Keith Kohlmann. In 25 Freight Car Projects, modelers will find a wide variety of modeling techniques and ideas.  With a focus on HO and N scales, this book provides step-by-step photos and instructions to show readers how to model a range of freight cars.

Easy Model Railroad Scenery Projects

This project-oriented book covers all areas of building model railroad scenery, including landforms, terrain, water, rockwork, trees, and more.  The book’s step-by-step photos and instructions make it easy for modelers to learn how to create realistic scenes. 

It includes:

A wide variety of scenery techniques from noted authors.

Projects using traditional materials as well as newer products.

Advice that applicable to many layouts regardless of scale.


Modeling Structures

To make a better layout, it’s important for modelers to construct buildings and structures that are unique for each project. Jeff Wilson’s new book shows readers what they’ll need to know about:

•    Detailing, painting, and creating signs.
•    Making structures appropriate for the era, railroad, and region being modeled.
•    Techniques for building plastic and wood kits, as well as kitbashing and scratchbuilding.


Guide to North American Steam Locomotives, Revised Edition

This newly revamped book features every steam locomotive built in the U.S., Mexico, and Canada since 1900. This is an essential guide that should be in the library of every railfan! It includes:

•    Comprehensive rosters for every railroad.
•    Information and data railfans can’t find anywhere else.
•    420 photos and newly designed roster tables.

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