Kalmbach acquires Discover magazine


Kalmbach acquires The Writer, 1887—present

Kalmbach launches Classic Trains, 2000—present


Kalmbach moves the Bead&Button Show to Milwaukee


Kalmbach launches BeadStyle, 2003—present

Kalmbach surpasses $50 million in sales


Kalmbach acquires American Snowmobiler, (aka Lake Country Snowmobile Tracks), 1986—present

Kalmbach launches Art Jewelry 2004—present


Kalmbach produces online video content for its web sites


Kalmbach celebrates 75th anniversary


Kalmbach acquires Cabin Life magazine


Kalmbach purchases Greenberg Publishing & Shows


Kalmbach launches Earth 1992—1998


Kalmbach launches Collecting Toys 1993—1998


Kalmbach acquires Birder's World 1987—present


Kalmbach acquires Bead&Button 1994—present

Kalmbach acquires Car Modeler 1990—2003

Kalmbach acquires Garden Railways 1984—present

Kalmbach acquires Scale Auto Enthusiast 1979—present

Kalmbach breaks ground for 35,000-square-foot addition to building in Waukesha, Wisconsin

Kalmbach launches first Web sites


Kalmbach launches FineScale Modeler 1982—present


Kalmbach celebrates its 50th anniversary


Kalmbach purchases AstroMedia

Astronomy, 1973—present

Deep Sky, 1977-1992

Telescope Making, 1977—1992

Odyssey, 1975—1991

Sales exceed $10 million


Kalmbach launches Classic Toy Trains 1987—present

Kalmbach purchases Boynton & Associates

Miniatures Dealer, 1978-1992

Miniatures Showcase, 1986-1993

Model Retailer, 1971—present

Nutshell News, 1971—2004


Kalmbach publishes Trains Illustrated 1988—1991


Kalmbach moves business to new 84,000-square-foot facility in Waukesha, Wisconsin

Kalmbach surpasses $25 million in sales


Kalmbach establishes Books Department


Kalmbach launches Better Camping, 1960—1970


Model Railroader circulation surpasses 100,000


Kalmbach launches Ships & Sailing, 1951—1959


Kalmbach sales exceed $1 million


Kalmbach celebrates its 25th anniversary


Al launches Trains magazine, 5,178 copies sold

The company moves to 1568 West Pierce Street in Milwaukee


The company moves to 1027 North 7th Street in Milwaukee


Al starts printing and publishing company A. C. Kalmbach and Co., located at 545 South 84th Street, Milwaukee.


In January, Al walks 272 copies of Model Railroader’s first issue to the post office. By July, Model Railroader’s paid circulation surpasses 1,000.


Kalmbach moves to 7611 West State Street in Milwaukee

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Discover, 1980—present

Acquired: 2010

Discover strives to make science entertaining and understandable with crisp narrative writing and contemporary design.

Web site: www.DiscoverMagazine.com

Cabin Life, 2000—present

Acquired: 2010
Founding Publisher: Toni Fladmark

Cabin Life gives readers great ideas, information and inspiration for enjoying their vacation homes and every day spent there. Cabin Life is designed for the user, for anyone who loves to spend time at their getaway place and anyone planning for the time when they can.

Web site: www.CabinLife.com

American Snowmobiler, 1986—present

Acquired: 2004
Founding Publisher: Jerry Bassett

Formally known as Lake Country Snowmobile Tracks, American Snowmobiler covers the snowmobiling industry for avid enthusiasts. The magazine provides up-to-date news, in-depth snowmobile reviews and comparisons, real-world sled test results, new product information, an annual Buyers Guide and Getaway Guide, plus racing updates and vintage snowmobile profiles.

Web site: www.AmSnow.com

Art Jewelry, 2004—present

Launched: 2004

Art Jewelry is the essential hands-on guide for the independent jewelry maker. Our readers, from hobbyists to professionals, all share a love of making jewelry and a desire to improve their jewelry-making skills. Art Jewelry offers readers how-to articles, staff-tested product reviews, and interviews with leading jewelry artists.

Web site: www.ArtJewelryMag.com

BeadStyle, 2003—present

Launched: 2003

BeadStyle the world’s best-selling beading magazine, offers easy, quick, stylish, wearable beading projects and related information for beginning beaders and others who enjoy fashionable stringing projects. BeadStyle features clear instructions, helpful tips, fashion news, and other features for all stringers.

Web site: www.BeadStyleMag.com

Bead&Button Show

Kalmbach Publishing Co. and its jewelry titles — Bead&Button, BeadStyle and Art Jewelry — sponsor the annual Bead&Button Show, which takes place in Milwaukee. The Show offers more than 500 workshops and classes, and it features more than 350 jewelry vendors from around the world. More than 14,000 attendees travel from all 50 states, Puerto Rico, and 40 countries to participate in this event.

Web site: www.BeadAndButtonShow.com

The Writer, 1887—present

Acquired: 2000
Founding Editors: William H. Hills and Robert Luce

The Writer is the nation's oldest and most respected publication for fiction and nonfiction writers. Every month, the magazine instructs, informs and motivates its readers with comprehensive how-to advice on the craft of writing — as well as news, interviews, book reviews and up-to-the-minute market information.

Web site: www.WriterMag.com

Classic Trains, 2000—present

Launched: 2000

Classic Trains celebrates the golden years of railroading in North America, roughly 1930 to 1980, with emphasis on the post-World War II era, when big steam locomotives and colorful diesels shared the rails, new streamliners criss-crossed the country, and nearly every town had a depot.

Web site: www.ClassicTrainsMag.com

Bead&Button, 1994—present

Acquired: 1996
Founding Editor: Alice Korach

Bead&Button publishes innovative and imaginative projects that challenge and inspire readers to learn, grow and excel. Bead&Button's editors test projects for clarity and dependability so readers can master the skills needed to create beautiful, wearable projects.

Web site: www.BeadAndButton.com

Car Modeler, 1990—2003

Acquired: 1996
Founding Editor: Gary Schmidt

Car Modeler was an alternate-month complement to Scale Auto Enthusiast.

Garden Railways, 1984—present

Acquired: 1996
Founding Editors: Barbara and Marc Horovitz

Garden Railways is dedicated to model railroading outdoors. The magazine explores all aspects of this diverse, international pursuit, from installing a working outdoor railroad, to the trains, structures, and supporting earthwork. Each issue also covers tips for railroad.

Web site: www.GardenRailways.com

Scale Auto Enthusiast, 1978—present

Acquired: 1996
Founding Editor: Gary Schmidt

Scale Auto is the leading magazine devoted to car modeling. Each issue contains tips, techniques, and how-to features designed to develop and enhance the readers' model-building skills.

Web site: www.ScaleAutoMag.com

Birder's World, 1987—present

Acquired: 1995
Founding Editor: Eldon Greij

Bimonthly Birder's World delivers beautiful bird photography and provides everything a reader needs to become a better birdwatcher — attracting and feeding techniques, species profiles, descriptions and directions for the best birding locations, tips for identifying birds, and more.

Web site: www.BirdersWorld.com

Collecting Toys, 1993—1998

Launched: 1993

Collecting Toys covered the collectable trends and pricing in die-cast vehicles, action figures, tin toys, and dolls.

Earth, 1992—1998

Launched: 1992

Earth covered such diverse subjects as volcanoes, tornadoes, dinosaurs, weather, and other subjects associated with our home planet.

Trains Illustrated, 1988—1991

Launched: 1988
Founding Editor: J. David Ingles

Trains Illustrated was an expanded gallery of reader-submitted images. Filled with dramatic images of railroading today, it inspired a generation of photographers who just couldn’t get enough in the monthly Trains.

Classic Toy Trains, 1987—present

Launched: 1987
Founding Editor:Dick Christianson

Classic Toy Trains is the United States’ leading toy train publication. It remains the trusted source of information for collectors and operators of the O and S gauge trains. Each issue showcases colorful model railroads and the latest products, and offers tips for making the most of this exciting hobby.

Web site: www.ClassicToyTrains.com

Miniatures Dealer, 1978—1992

Acquired: 1987
Founding Editor: David Ritchey

Miniatures Dealer targeted the trade to help manufacturers, distributors, and retailers.

Miniatures Showcase, 1986—1993

Acquired: 1987
Founding Editor: Geraldine Willems

Miniatures Showcase was devoted to the collecting aspect of the hobby. It was presented as a tool for the collector and shopper.

Miniatures Showcase, 1986—1993

Acquired: 1987
Founding Editor: Geraldine Willems

Model Retailer is the leading trade magazine of the hobby industry. Since its first issue, it has been an important source for industry news and product information. Model Retailer is also a business resource for retailers, providing advice on how to run their stores more profitably.

Web site: www.ModelRetailer.com

Nutshell News, 1971—1997
Dollhouse Miniatures, 1997—2004

Acquired: 1987 (as Nutshell News)

Founding Editor: Catherine MacLaren

Nutshell News covered everything from how to create scale miniatures to collecting them. In September 1997, Kalmbach changed the name to Dollhouse Miniatures to have wider appeal and clearer identity.

Astronomy, 1973—present

Acquired: 1985

Founding Editor: Stephen A. Walther

Astronomy is the world’s leading magazine for astronomy enthusiasts. It delivers popular-level stories about the science of astronomy, including cosmology and planetary exploration. The magazine shows readers what they can see in the sky each month, describes how they can observe and photograph the heavens, and features equipment reviews.

Web site: www.Astronomy.com

Deep Sky, 1977—1992

Acquired: 1985

Founding Editor: David J. Eicher

Deep Sky was the world’s leading magazine for amateur astronomers who observe star clusters, nebulae, and galaxies with their telescopes.

Telescope Making, 1977—1992

Acquired: 1985

Founding Editor: Richard Berry

Telescope Making promoted an activity — building your own telescope from scratch — that began in the 1920s and experienced a surge in the 1970s and 1980s.

Odyssey, 1975—1991

Acquired: 1985

Founding Editor: Nancy Mack

Odyssey introduced the wonders of the universe to children, bringing astronomy and space exploration to a new generation who grew up after the Apollo space flights.

FineScale Modeler, 1982—present

Launched: 1982

Founding Editor: Bob Hayden

FineScale Modeler is the world’s leading magazine devoted to the hobby of scale modeling. The magazine offers articles and projects on models of aircraft, armored vehicles, ships, figures, cars, and space vehicles. Each issue strives to help readers enjoy their hobby more through stories that help build better modeling skills.

Web site: www.FineScale.com

Better Camping, 1960—1970

Launched: 1960

Better Camping covered camping equipment, tents, destinations, outdoor cooking, and anything else related to camping.

Ships and Sailing, 1951—1959

Launched: 1951

Ships and Sailing was similar to Trains because it covered ships, passenger and cargo service, maritime history, and operations.

Trains, 1940—present

Launched: 1940

Founding Editor: Al Kalmbach

Trains is the most popular railroad periodical in the world. It covers contemporary topics, historical features, as well as issues and trends in railroading and the railroad hobby. Trains is truly a magazine for both professionals who love the industry and enthusiasts with a serious appreciation.

Web site: www.TrainsMag.com

Model Railroader, 1934—present

Launched: 1934

Founding Editor: Al Kalmbach

Model Railroader is the leading publication in the hobby of scale model railroading. The magazine teaches enthusiasts new and old how to design, build, scenic, operate, improve, and enjoy their train layouts.

Web site: www.ModelRailroader.com

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